Dating Chinese Women Online: Spoilt for Choices

| January 18, 2012

Dating Chinese Women Online: Spoilt for ChoicesIf you are reading this, it means that your interest in Chinese women goes beyond sizing them up in a mall or subway. You definitely want to date them and in all probability have a long term relationship with them. But how many Chinese women  are you likely to find for a date in your city? Probably 1 or 2 maybe more if you have Chinese friends but chances are so abysmally low that I wouldn’t bet on them.

On the other hand, if you decide to visit China, you will be surrounded with practically millions of Chinese and half of them will be women. But if you think that it will help in finding you a date then you are in for a huge disappointment. Most women can’t speak English and won’t talk to you even if they could. Don’t for a moment delude yourself that a Chinese woman is interested in you just because she is staring at you. In all probability you caught her attention because you stood out like a sore thumb amongst Chinese with your looks.

The only place where you will be spoilt for choices is a Chinese dating site with thousands of profiles of real Chinese women interested in dating western men. Here you can approach any woman without trepidation because you know for sure that they are also looking for a date. Moreover, you can read their profile and have some idea about them which will help you in breaking the ice in your first date. If your message or invitation for a date is ignored or turned down, you won’t be heartbroken or chagrined because there are always prettier and more exciting ladies out there, and no one but you knows you’ve been rejected.

just the same, while it’s alright to chat and date several ladies as you look for your lady love, there is always a chance of losing your perspective along the way, especially with so many pretty lasses around. Most ladies are looking for a long term partner and likely to lose interest in you when they see your eternal non-committal ways. It helps to remember that the success of relationship is more than finding the right person: it is also being the right person.


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