When Dating Chinese Women Understand Chinese Dining Etiquette – Part 2

| June 13, 2012

Dating Chinese women requires good table manners, Chinese style.Every culture has its own distinct rules and customs that decide what is right and proper during social interactions. Since dining forms an integral aspect of social interactions, it is natural to have a long list of propriety when eating in a group whether it is in a restaurant or in someone’s home. If you have a Chinese girlfriend and hope to marry her someday, then this article is for you because learning the appropriate way to act and converse will not only help you feel comfortable with her family but will also make those around you more comfortable. They will be able to focus on you and perhaps like you more, rather than snickering behind your back at your amusing eating habits.

Needless to say, learn and practice eating with chop sticks now at your own home, not when you are sitting with the family of your Chinese girlfriend. The food is served in large communal dishes so use communal chopsticks for transferring food to your own plate. If there are no communal chopsticks or you are unsure, just observe others and copy what they do. If your host places food into your bowl or plate, consider it an extended courtesy.

Do not leave anything on your plate as it is considered rude. If there is something you absolutely can’t stomach, finish everything else except that one thing and it will be considered that you did not eat it because you had your fill. Don’t forget to praise the food while eating.

Never stab your chopsticks into your bowl of rice as placing two chopsticks down in a bowl of rice indicate that you wish death upon those at the table. Similarly, stabbing chopsticks in any food item is considered rude.

Playing with your chopsticks, pointing at objects with them, or drumming them on the table is a strict no no. For those with restless hands, make sure you do not tap them on the side of your dish. In restaurants this gesture is used to indicate that the food is taking too long so you can imagine how offensive it will be to your host.

When offering a toast and tapping glasses for a cheer, make sure that the edge of your glass is lower than the glass of a senior member to show respect.

Do not place the bones on your plate when eating non-vegetarian food. Usually an extra plate is put for collecting bones. Otherwise, it is normal to spit them out on the table to the right of your plate.

It is normal for Chinese to eat with their mouth open, or talk with their mouth full.  When in China do as Chinese do so enjoy, laugh, and have a great time.

As a final note, there is a great movie out of the 1990’s called “The Joy Luck Club”. For any guy interested in dating Chinese women this is a must see movie. The amusing and heartwarming look inside Chinese culture in this movie gives you a terrific first taste of what life would be like if you join a Chinese family, and make no mistake about it, when you marry a Chinese woman, you marry her family.

But relevant to the subject at hand there is an absolutely fantastic, and funny, scene in the movie in which an arrogant American boyfriend encounters the importance of knowing and understanding proper Chinese table manners when you’re hoping to marry a beautiful Chinese woman. That scene alone is well worth renting or buying the movie. Don’t miss it.


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