The Internet and the Asian Women

| October 13, 2015


The internet is one aspect of our life that we may never be able to live without for long. Many business deals and conferences happen on the due to the fact that it is convenient for everyone, especially for business partners and potential business partners who are too far away from each other to even think of meeting often in person. It also helps in creating or rebuilding relationships among distant family members whom we have never met before, old friends whom we have last seen during our elementary or high school days, and maybe even soulmates who are still yet to be found.

The internet has helped a lot of people attain stardom and gain fans all over the world by allowing them to post videos or blogs of them on Youtube while singing, cooking, dancing, acting in a skit, making parodies of music videos or movies, or just doing random but hilarious stuff that can make others laugh. It has been mostly popular in the past among American or European individuals or families, and some of them quit their real jobs to be able to focus on “vlogging” – a shorter version of saying ‘making logs through video’.

Nevertheless, since this platform is available to everyone who wish to share their own content to as many people as their videos can reach, there are also a lot of Asians who have ventured into vlogging and posting it on Youtube. One of the fast-rising Youtube star at the moment is Linda Dong, a smart Vietnamese-Canadian who shows what it really is like to be an Asian woman in a foreign country. She does it by posting skits which may seem hilarious at first, but when you ponder about them you realize they do sometimes happen in real life. What is amazing about her, and why she is probably loved by her over 650,000 followers, is that she is her own crew. Aside from the acting skills of some of her actor friends who act in her skits, she produces, writes and edits everything by herself.

We can only describe what she gets from posting videos on Youtube in two words:

  1. Freedom

You get the freedom to say or do whatever you want when you vlog, as long as they will not cause any harm to you or to your audience. You are allowed to express yourself in a way that is acceptable and entertaining, that is why you can usually see artistic people doing vlogs.

Linda Dong is free to showcase her talents on Youtube or in any internet platform because she did not let herself to be intimidated by the thought that no one will want to watch her videos. This is a common fear for many Youtubers, but she has proven to everyone that her creativity is not a fluke, that is why she has a lot of followers now.

  1. Memories

There are families or individuals who opt to vlog their lives despite the fact that their whereabouts and names can be known even to potential wrongdoers because they like the idea of capturing important moments on video, putting their creative ideas into action, and reliving them in their memories when they watch them again. Often, it is better than keeping photo albums which can get moldy if left for too long in the closet.

Linda Dong is just one of the many Asian women who tries to make a difference in the world through the internet each day. They may not be into putting videos of their lives on the internet, but they can be bloggers or entrepreneurs who, in a way, get to achieve freedom and memories too in what they are doing.


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