About us

Who are the owners of Dating-Chinese-Women.com? We’re a Western Man and a Chinese woman who met online, after each spending several years pursuing the quest of finding each other. We are incredibly happy and well suited for each other, but in the years leading to our happy union we each experienced numerous ups and downs. We met on a site that was at one time a great dating site for meeting Chinese and Asian women, but which deteriorated rapidly starting during our time on the site and continuing since then.  Besides that site, between us we tried many others as well. We quickly realized that online dating, including sites for dating Chinese or Asian women, was quickly turning into a money making opportunity for online scammers.

We opened this site providing reviews of Asian and Chinese dating websites with the intention of helping newcomers to online dating, especially those interested in developing serious long term relationships between Western men and Chinese or Asian women, weed out the crappy, or even dangerous dating sites from those that are truly worth the time, energy and expense. If you will take the time to follow our guidance you will save yourself a lot of wasted money emotional grief.

We don’t wish to hide anything, and also need you to understand that opening and operating this website bears a cost, and we have affiliate connections or other financial ties to the sites that we recommend. But in choosing which sites we could recommend we first conducted our examinations of each one, then wrote our reviews, and only after deciding we liked a site and would recommend it did we choose to become affiliates. The truth is that the numerous sites we very adamantly do not recommend, especially those that we strongly warn you to avoid, all pay considerably higher affiliate commissions than the few that we recommend. If we were in this for the money, we would be recommending those bad sites because that is where the big money is.

Our one real goal here is to help others find and feel the joy we have found in each other. We feel truly blessed and we hope we can help you find that special someone who makes you feel blessed as well. We are absolutely sincere in the reviews on our Best and Worst lists, and assure you that the advice contained in each review is heartfelt and genuine. Since starting this website we have received countless messages from other online daters confirming the correctness of our assessments of the sites reviewed here. If you choose to follow our advice we promise you that you will greatly increase your chances succeeding in finding your perfect lifemate, and you will enjoy the journey you take as you do. If you ignore our advice and join any of the sites we warn you to avoid, you greatly increase the likelihood of throwing away a great deal of your hard earned money, and being bitterly disappointed in finding that the supposed love of your life is nothing more than a complete sham.

Our greatest hope is that you will learn from both our mistakes, and from our smartest moves, and in doing so you will find the same happiness we have found.