Are You Ready To Start Dating Chinese Women Online

Online Dating with Chinese women is neither new nor a futile pursuit. A select few of the flourishing Chinese dating sites and the frequency at which new ones spring up on World Wide Web everyday prove that online dating and successful long term relationships as its outcome are possible.  However, since most men who register with Chinese dating sites have no prior experience in dating Chinese women or only a rudimentary knowledge about Chinese society and culture, they allow prevalent but long outdated stereotypes to guide their judgment. They start off with pre-conceived notions and half baked ideas, most of which have no basis in reality. No wonder so many of them feel frustrated and disappointed when their attempts to land a date are constantly met with a rebuff.

Perhaps the most misguided notion most men in west have is that oriental women are suckers for money who put up with anything as long as they see the a good cash flow. This stereotype may have its origin in the stories of concubines or numerous mistresses rich Chinese men kept beside their legally wedded wives. However, what these men fail to realize is that most of the women who choose to date a foreigner online is actually looking for something that they believe they may not find in their own social circles – a western romance and relationship based on love, mutual respect and equality. If you think flashing the contents of your pass-book will get you a loyal, devoted and meek Chinese girl then you are mistaken. The only women who will be attracted would be scammers or gold diggers. You don’t have to date online to find gold diggers, there are plenty of them back home.

Another common misconception that most men nurse is that oriental women date western men because they want to come and settle in western countries like America, Europe, and Canada etc. While it could be true for a small percentage of women dating online, generalizing it could be dangerous for your romantic endeavors. The number of educated and professionally successful Chinese women is at an all time high and many of them prefer that their western partner should migrate to China. Moreover, they like to stay close to their families and friends even after their marriage.

Many western men choose to date Chinese women because they have been projected as subservient and passive women, quite opposite to women in west. These guys are actually not interested in a relationship of equality and looking for women who would put up with their domineering ways without protest. What such men often tend to forget is that it is not possible for a whole community to have same sort of temperament. While their Chinese date may act coy and docile initially, once married, her true character will be revealed, which may or may not be what they expected.

The best method when you date Chinese women online is to equip yourself with correct information about modern China and read about the experiences of those who have actually dated oriental girls before approaching them with an open mind.  Look for a specialized website that provides not only a great variety of real Chinese ladies, but also offers good ongoing information and a real dialogue between members through blogs and a forum so you can be constantly upgrading your knowledge about the process and the joy of dating Chinese women online.

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