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alm-400x200-300x150-5828953This may be the most difficult review we’ve had to write. Unlike its older sister site, (CLM), which we had no difficulty rating as 5 Star and our top site, (ALM) presents some unusual difficulties for us. In principle it is an excellent Asian dating site and should be ranked as 5 Star as well. However, unlike CLM, which has nothing but 100% benefits from its intense security features, especially from the unique feature called Scammer Prison, ALM, while also benefiting from this feature in the expected ways, suffers a serious side effect that prevents us from giving it 5 Stars.

We’ll explain shortly, but first let us indicate the other problem with our reviewing at all on this review site is that there really is very little Chinese dating done on ALM because Chinese women do not join ALM and are only presented on CLM. As such, ALM arguably does not belong here on a review site focused on Chinese dating. However, technically there is some Chinese dating on ALM because there are a few Chinese men on ALM seeking Asian women from other Asian countries for long term relationships. This technicality is good enough for us so we’re going ahead with the review.

Now, let’s get back to the side effect of Scammer Prison that hinders from being as remarkably good as  The problem is that on Asian Dating sites, all of which are largely over run with Scammers, and most of which, unlike ALM, include Chinese women, the vast majority of stunning women are either pictures of Asian movie stars, models or porn stars. Because ALM has removed all such “members” from the site, it appears to be lacking in beautiful Asian women. Since what it is really lacking on ALM is Scammers, it should hardly be punished for this. But no doubt it is hard to get as excited about the site if you are a Western guy fantasizing about a beautiful Asian lifemate, when you don’t see an abundance of them available.

So while everything we love about is true of, we are ranking them as a 4 Star site instead of 5.  They provide top notch service, their blogs and forum are great additions to the site and make you feel like you’re part of a community and not just another customer, and their functions and features are all first class. And like CLM, the security on is the best in the business.

We like the fact that, unlike the other two preferred sites, ChineseLoveLinks and AsianDating, on ALM and CLM the ladies are clearly separated. Chinese women are on CLM and other Asian women are on ALM. We don’t quite see the point of having two sites if the women are all the same anyway.

In addition, unlike the other two sites, for Western men if you upgrade on either of ALM or CLM you are automatically upgraded on both sites which is a considerable bonus in our view.

While we’re punishing ALM in a sense for getting rid of Scammers and therefore having less eye candy on the site, don’t forget that in the end that missing eye candy was likely just some big ugly guy looking to steal your money and your pride.

If you’re looking to date Asian women and/or Chinese women these two sites make a great combination, and if you’re looking exclusively for Asian women dating then is still our first choice, but AsianDating is not too far behind.

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