– a 3 Star Asian Dating Site

asiandatingcom-300x150-8442171We’ve been casting about for some good quality Chinese dating sites to add to our list of recommended sites, but haven’t been able to find any, so we’re going to review a few Asian Dating Sites that we feel may appeal to guys who are interested in Chinese dating but may wish to expand their horizons to include Asian ladies from outside China. Our first Asian site we’ll review is, which, like, is owned and operated by Cupid Media. If you’re strictly interested in dating Chinese women, then this review may not hold much interest for you, but if dating Asian women other than Chinese ladies also appeals to you then read on.

We have to say that through no fault of their own, does not quite meet the level of as far as the overall quality and enjoyment to be experienced by men seeking to find a life partner among the women of Asia, and particularly SE Asia. This relates more to the overall nature of Asian Dating vs Chinese Dating than it does to the services provided by the website.  As far as the site itself is concerned, the functions and features seem every bit as well designed and enjoyable as they do on If anything may be a little more advanced. For functions and features we’ll give a full thumbs up. The site is as good as it gets.

The problem is that even more, much more, than Chinese Dating websites, almost all the Asian Dating sites are virtually overrun by scammers, and is no exception. When you review the site by browsing through the members you come across countless males and females whose faces are familiar if you’ve any experience in tracking photos that are known to be used by internet scammers who are practicing their trade. Having said that,, like it’s sister Chinese site, while not proactive in fighting scammers, does seem to at least respond to scammer reports by members, and you will see known scammers disappear from their search pages more frequently than with most Asian dating sites.

We’ve also had it reported to us that, like, is not strong on the service end and is quite unresponsive to general requests for assistance or support. Nonetheless, we generally quite like ChineseLoveLinks, and we feel that overall is likely going to end up ranking among the best of the Asian dating websites. Just bear in mind that when you’re involved in online Asian dating you have to be ever alert for possible scammers regardless of which site you’re on, and we’re pretty confident that with one or two exceptions your time will be better spent on than most other places. Certainly the functions and features are second to none in our opinion.

Also keep your eye on this spot because as we review more Asian Dating sites we may be revising our take on up or down depending on how the others shake out. At present we’re attemting to some degree to compare apples to oranges, because we’re partly comparing the Asian dating websites to the Chinese dating sites we’ve already reviewed and the experience you’ll have there.

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