Chinese Dating Site Affiliates: One More Pain in the Butt

www-asiawomendating-com-400x320-300x240-5121564In some of our reviews we bring up a couple of Chinese Dating Sites that really aren’t websites at all, just fronts for the major scam sites. You think you’re joining a new Chinese Dating site just to discover you’ve actually joined that same site that has already taken you for an expensive ride dating fake Chinese women, the one you were trying to forget. But it doesn’t stop there, it gets even worse.

Have you noticed lately that there seems to be a new site for dating women of China every day? Every time you run a search on a dating keyword up pop more ads for new sites. Well sadly, the reality is that these sites aren’t really new dating sites either, and some of them are also “fronts” for the big scam sites.

Others are sites that are tied into major dating systems known as white label dating, and in a way, although perhaps not quite so evil a way, these systems are also a scam. But that’s a topic for another article soon to come.

The one thing that almost all of these “sites” have in common is that they are owned and “operated” by affiliates. In all aspects of internet marketing there are affiliates selling the goods and services of the real supplier for a commission. Affiliates are simply people that find traffic that is interested in a service or product and send that traffic to a supplier of that service or product.

Generally the affiliate receives a fairly extraordinary commission of between 50% to 75% of the sale price of the service or product. There are exceptions to industries paying these high rates, such as Amazon, but dating isn’t one of them.  And in dating, especially niche dating like Chinese or Asian dating, it’s the big scam sites that make the most money and are therefore able to pay the highest affiliate commissions.

Let’s face it, if you have a newbie to internet dating looking for dating with Chinese women and you can get the sucker onto a scam site like or, you might make 50% of $600 to $1,000 per month. If that’s the case, what would make you send them to an honest site like or instead, where you stand to make 50% of about $35? What indeed, other than a sense of decency and honesty, and caring about your fellow man. Unfortunately, these are not qualities generally attributed to affiliates.

By way of example, check out or, both recently found advertising on Google search.  Notice that the links clearly indicate they are operated by affiliates where they read “afid=18096” and “afid=17726”. But don’t count on seeing that because affiliates can hide their affiliate ID from the URL if they wish to go to the effort.

In both of these cases you are taken, by clicking on the ad, to the homepage of a site that looks like the top photo or the photo to the left, depending on the ad. And in both of these cases as soon as you fill in the 4 line registration form you will find yourself to magically be a member of, voila, – beyond a doubt one of the most reprehensible Scam Chinese dating sites in the business.

Do not trust this scamming, rip-off of a Chinese dating site, and don’t trust the affiliate who tricked you into joining it. That affiliate is not your friend, for he just sent you to your financial doom.  And don’t think the affiiate wasn’t aware of the scamming nature of the site he (or she) was sending you to. These guys are scientists at what they do, and they are in it strictly for the money. They don’t give a rat’s ass about you, their victim, or how much you might suffer at the hands of their nefarious benefactor.

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