a tired old Chinese women site.


There was a time when was second to none as far as sites for dating Chinese women were concerned. It was new and exciting and was everybody’s favorite. But that was then and this is now. The evolution of ChineseFriendFinder has not been a positive one.

First it became home to so many sexually explicit photos, hookers selling their trade and even cybersex participants charging fees and competing for male viewers to join them on the truly pornographic sites they called home, that the Chinese Government took exception and shut them down in China. After recovering from that it became and still is home to thousands of scammers just out to steal member’s money. To make matters worse the service on the site really sucks. With all these issues coming into play, CFF lost much of its shine.

We took a tour before writing this and looked forward to a “stroll down memory lane”, but what we found was a site we could barely recognize, it was so overloaded with confusing and useless features that made it almost impossible to navigate. Then, when we did a browse of Chinese women members we found dozens of profiles bearing images of members who are all coincidentally in the Scammer Prison. Pretty clearly CFF still doesn’t care to acknowledge that many of its beautiful Chinese women members are actually scammers and criminals out to steal your money.

For old times sake we can’t bring ourselves to list as one of our “Worst” sites, but it is truly a very distant third choice among the niche Chinese women sites.

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