a good site for dating Chinese women.

For seriously dating Chinese women if you’re looking for marriage or life mate or a life partner then is actually one good 2nd choice just after ChineseLoveLinks also offers a very good platform with high quality features and functions and is one of the premiere Chinese Dating Services. Its charges are also rather reasonable. However, if you are looking for a serious long term dating or marriage then ChineseLoveLinks may possibly let you down as a Chinese Dating website, because you will struggle to weed out the countless members who are just searching for short term relationships and casual China online dating.

Equally important, CLL really doesn’t offer members any real service for serious long-term daters, and doesn’t go to any real effort to police Scammers. The site will provide warnings to watch out for fraudsters and they do seem to follow up when a scammer is reported, however you will need to push them to do this, unlike, which very proactively removes scammers at every opportunity. Also unlike CLM there’s no means of calling them and they are really slow to respond to email requests. If you are only seeking Chinese online dating services for casual dating, then you do not need the best quality service, and scammers will not be such a big problem. However if you’re after your lifepartner then quality service and proactive scammer protection is certainly essential.

Just the same, when it comes to Chinese online dating web sites CLL does provide an outstanding online Chinese dating experience. If you’re trying to find a Chinese lady or foreign guy for just a short term relationship, or casual dating, this web site could be your best choice. Likewise, if you are seeking a long term relationship and Chinese dating agency type features and you want a second alternative to, then ChineseLoveLinks will be a good alternative.

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