avoid this scam site about dating China women.

chnlove-untitled-6-300x150-6520261Everyone interested in dating Chinese women online has surely heard of (also  It’s one of the biggest and most well known Chinese dating sites, especially if you’re focusing on long-term relationships, love and/or marriage with beautiful Chinese women. Regrettably CHNLove is fast becoming known as a scam site. We have to advise everyone not to trust this website.

We’ll get to the scamming accusations shortly, but we have to say that even if CHNLove isn’t scamming its members, it is still a major ripoff and we’d still be rating it as the worst of the worst.  If you’re looking to meet Chinese women for marriage, you couldn’t choose a more outdated and expensive way to do it online than through CHNLove.  This site charges you a fee each time you meet and date one Chinese women. Then they charge you a translation fee for every message you send or receive from each woman you are dating. With our top two sites in the best category you can pay one low monthly fee to meet and message every one of the pretty Chinese women on the website, and, at least with, instant translation is included. Video chat is also included on both sites, making it easy to determine if the woman is real or not. Honestly, for the cash you’ll lay out to CHNLove for the privilege to date one Chinese woman, you could upgrade on both our top 2 recommended sites combined for a year each and date literally thousands of beautiful Chinese women.

Now, about those allegations of scamming, CHNLove has formed allegiances with a large number of dating agencies in China, and the known scamming activity is performed at that level.  Here’s what goes on. The Chinese agency posts many profiles of members who either never really existed, or more frequently, have been sucked into joining but have no idea what is going on.  You join CHNLove and end up being attracted to one of these agency members.  You pay to contact her and you start paying by the message to communicate with her.  While you stare at her beautiful glamour photos, because there’s no video chatting allowed, you think a relationship is developing. The problem is that we’ve been contacted by many women who either haven’t logged in to CHNLove or the dating agency they joined for over a year (sometimes several years) or didn’t even know they were members.  Then they’ve discovered suddenly that their profiles are active and they’ve been “dating Western men” all that time.  One woman revealed to us that she asked the agency to cancel her profile and for over 18 months they ignored her and her profile remained active without her participating.

What is not certain is whether CHNLove is actively participating in these scams or is simply looking the other way while they knowingly profit from these scamming activities against CHNLove members who simply wish to date Chinese women in hopes of finding true love. It is absolutely impossible to believe that CHNLove is unaware of these activities.  We’d bet they must have had thousands of complaints from men who have paid them truly excessive ongoing fees to date a Chinese woman, fall in love with her and plan a meeting and marriage only to discover she isn’t real. And yet CHNLove carries on promoting the same system of dating Chinese women as if everything is completely wonderful and innocent.

You shouldn’t trust CHNLove, but even if you choose to believe the scams aren’t happening, how can you possibly justify paying through the nose for meeting and communicating with one woman when you can meet and date thousands of beautiful Chinese women, on better sites with far more attractive features and functions, for a fraction of the cost.  Forget CHNLove and forget any site that charges by the individual meeting and for translation of messages. Like the next one on our list of worst sites.

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