We are reviewing today a dating site that is not a dating site but just one more level of the phenomenal rip off system.  The site is called (please don’t confuse them with us and our similar URL or we would die of shame) and the header touts itself as “Best Chinese Women Dating Site on the Web! Meet 1000’s of Women of China Today.” Which is pretty laughable since it isn’t a dating site at all, but just a funnel for unsuspecting suckers to be transferred into one of the all-time Scam sites.  And it’s so painfully obvious that it would be almost funny if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re being taken to a website that is dangerous for you, dangerous for your wallet, dangerous for your pride and dangerous for your heart.

Here’s how works:

1. You click on a link found on a Google search listing or an ad for and you are taken to a website with the header shown above.

2. When you get there you see dozens of gorgeous, sexy China women who all look a little bit trashy and like they’re dead ready to fall into bed with you, which of course is stock in trade; making the world think that all women of China are stunning tramps.

3. You will find ads all over the page pointing directly at, so you’re immediately suspicious that is tied to that site somehow.

4. You scroll to the bottom to find the statement that is “Powered by the Anastasia affiliate program”. This suggests that whoever owns the site is an affiliate, which means they get paid a commission by, the proud owner of AsianBeauties and numerous other equally infamous and scammy websites, probably in the form of a cut of all the payments made on the AsianBeauties site from the poor innocent victims who came there from this flimsy excuse for a dating website.

But it gets worse, trust us. At least up to this point the links taking you to the AsianBeauties dating platform have been clearly pointing to that site in the ads you’ve spotted so far.

5.  But now you find a banner ad in the middle of the page that says “Chat with Your Darling! Get bonus points in June.” And clearly indicates it is linked to a site called “”. However, when you click on this ad you are taken to… (drum roll)… you guessed it –  So now this Chinese not a dating site is telling you it’s taking you to one place but is actually taking you directly to another. Frankly, we understood that this was not allowed on the internet and that the search engines would penalize a website for doing this, but maybe we’re wrong on that..  Anyway, when we opened a new tab and typed into our browser that also took us straight to good old Asian Beauties. Does anybody else find this to be completely scammy?

But hold on, because it gets much worse yet.

6.  Now being a guy who’s never been involved in online dating and is completely naïve to the amount of scams sites out there trying to remove your savings from your bank account, you now decide to go ahead and sign up to the DatingChinaWomen site and see if you can land one of those gorgeous tramps of China depicted on the home page. So you fill in the very simple registration form, click on the submit button, and BINGO!!!, you’re now a proud member of… did you guess it this time… You’re now a member of what is fast becoming the worst Chinese and Asian scam sites there is. That’s right, you thought you were joining but in fact you were being scammed into joining does not have a single Chinese woman member, and apparently doesn’t have a single member of any kind. It doesn’t have dating features, dating functions or anything positive to recommend it at all. It’s just a shell designed to suck you into dating hell.

Guys, please believe us, it just doesn’t get much worse than this. The Anastasia organization needs to be avoided like the plague, Asian Beauties needs to be avoided like the plague, and now this scammy affiliate who has to know he’s tied in with a completely ruthless and unscrupulous bunch, is happily trying to make money from sending you to a site where he knows you’ll be royally cheated.  Don’t fall for this crap.

If this really happens to you, then RUN, DON’T WALK, to the nearest log out button and get your ass out of there before they rob you blind.

At least that’s our take on it.

If you didn’t get the drift of how we feel about the Asian Beauties site already, check out our review here…

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