a Chinese women dating site to avoid for sure!

gagamatch-300x150-4438831One thing you should never do is trust and think you’re going to meet your perfect Chinese match there. This site has nothing to do with dating Chinese women and has everything to do with scamming innocent men. Join this site and you will find yourself paying exorbitant fees to send messages to beautiful Chinese women that don’t really exist. Are there any real Chinese women on the site? We can’t say for sure, but if there are then they’re being played just like the men are, and you could spend a lifetime on the site, not to mention thousands of dollars, without ever meeting one.

This site is the last in a long line of similar sites with different names that all operate the same way. They join other dating sites as fake Chinese lady members and then try to lure the men from those sites over to The story these fake women tell is that they’re having difficulty understanding the guy’s messages and things will be much better on Gaga. However, when the guy gets to Gaga he’s in for a big surprise, because on that site the messages have to be paid for to be translated. Oddly, unlike the site he just came from, there is no video chat, so there’s no way to know if the Chinese woman he’s dating is real or not. Trust us, she’s not. And neither are the messages being translated. It’s all just one big scam.

On this site you and hundreds of other guys are receiving the same fake message with the same fake translation from the same fake girl. Worst of all we are told by ex-members of the site that once Gaga had their credit card info it started racking up charges for items they’d never approved. They had to actually cancel the card to get rid of Gaga’s abuse.

The only reason we don’t rank as our #1 Worst Chinese Dating Site is that Gaga doesn’t seem to have the money that CHNLove and AsianBeauties have to mass market themselves, so is not scamming as many men as they are. However, as far as sites for dating Chinese women go,’s behavior matches CHNLove and AsianBeauties head to head for deceitful, sleazy tactics. Avoid Gaga too. It’s bad news.

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