Learning The Truth About Chinese Women Losing Interest In Foreign Men

juxin-48-2985566For the past several years there was a constant rise in the number of foreign men seeking Chinese women for long term relationships and vice versa. However, in the more recent times, rumors are afloat on various dating sites about the decline in the number of Chinese women choosing to date non-Chinese men online. Many people feel that this trend is a direct consequence of the economic recession that hit the European and American countries in the recent times. Despite the fact that such negative propagation may seem to be quite convincing to those who have never dated a Chinese girl or don’t have Chinese friends, we all know that it is actually nothing more than a bunch of lies.

In fact, if anything the number of Chinese women dating foreign men through online dating sites is constantly increasing. This is because of the fact that despite the considerable socio-economic changes in the Chinese society, the attitude of Chinese men towards their females has not changed much. However, modern Chinese females, with their higher education and high flying careers, are not willing to accept the unjust and biased approach of the men from their society and are even more interested in seeking foreign partners, who they feel treat them with greater respect and equality. Also in view of the significant financial and social independence enjoyed by the Chinese females today, a number of Chinese men tend to reject any such female who they think won’t fit in the role of the docile housewife of earlier generations.

Another reason that has given birth to speculations about Chinese women losing interest in foreign men is the fact that more of the women from China dating online these days, rather than willing to move out of China, now look for men who are willing to shift to their country. Their expectations are not entirely unfounded because the rapid economic growth of China in the recent years has opened up numerous avenues for not only Chinese females but also people from across the globe, who can enjoy a successful and fulfilling professional life in China. Since most girls born after the 1970’s are the only child of their parents and deeply attached with them, they are rather reluctant about leaving their home and families and prefer those foreign men who show a willingness to shift to China after marriage.

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