date China women and a mix of many others.


We’ve recently heard reports from Chinese women that several Chinese members of have suffered serious financial osses to scammers on the site.  Based on that we’ve dropped them from 3 stars to 2 stars and wish to advise you to be careful on if you’re there to date Chinese women, or perhaps regardless of who you’re there to date. Exercise caution., which claims to be the largest dating site in the world, a claim made by several of its competitors as well, seems to be a little confused about what it is offering. It can’t seem to decide if it’s about serious long term relationships, about short term sexual related dalliances or maybe about short term dating that has the feint hope of evolving into a long term relationship with someone someday.  This pretty much mirrors modern American society, at least judging by American television.

What’s that got to do with Dating Chinese Women?  Not much if you’re seriously looking for a Chinese life partner and not interested in short term sexual dating at all. In that case you should stop reading now and just go join, or failing that, Generally Chinese dating is long term in nature. As sexy as Chinese women are, they are usually focused on real life long partnerships, primarily marriage, and not on flings.

But if you’re actually interested in a smorgasbord of ethnicities as opposed to being committed to finding a Chinese lifemate specifically, and you wouldn’t mind entertaining yourself with local flings while seeking a long term love with a foreign lady from any of a variety of cultures, then maybe is for you. There are real Chinese women on, and the ones who are in China are inevitably there looking for a husband, not a fling (unless they are selling sex), so it is possible to find your Chinese life partner or wife on, and enjoy trolling for non-Chinese sexual dalliances closer to home at the same time.

The bottom line is that is a better choice by far than any of the sites we’ve reviewed in our Worst Chinese Dating Sites listing.  Probably you’re best option for finding a great Chinese wife and playing the local short term field at the same time is to join both and But if that’s just too much for you, we like your chances of successfully finding a female Chinese lifepartner better on than on many of the niche Chinese dating sites that are out there. At least they won’t likely be introducing you to fake members and charging you for fake messages like the sites to avoid we’ve listed on our Worst list. Their monthly fees are actually quite reasonable.