Where Chinese Women Rule The Roost

Chinese women are generally considered to be a downtrodden faction of a primarily male dominant society by most western men desirous of dating dating Chinese women online. While it is true to a large extent, there are certain exceptions. An ethnic group living at the shores of lake Lugu, situated on the South-West of China sharing borders with the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan is entirely matriarchal, where women rule the roost. Known as Mosuo, this ethnic group has its own distinct language, but no written script, and has been inhabiting this area for more than 1600 years since the reign of Han Dynasty.

In the small and exclusive society of Mosuo, the matriarchal family is composed exclusively of matrilineal members, including grandmother, mother, maternal aunts, and uncles (mother’s sisters and brothers), sisters and brothers, and the children of oneself and of the sisters. Fathers or their family members are not part of the family. Children remain in the maternal home and work along with their brothers and sisters living there. The mother is in charge of the family and everything is distributed equally amongst the members. Where there are several sisters, the smartest, most capable and impartial one of them is elected as the “Dabu”, the matriarch.

Like other parts of China, division of labor between men and women is quite clear. A Chinese woman of this ethnic group looks after the household duties while men do the heavy labor. All income gained from work is handed over to the clan-mother, who uses it for those family needs that they can’t meet though their own labor. Divorces, squabbles and conflict are unheard of amongst Mosuo.

Marriage in Mosuo is entirely based on love completely unaffected by political, economic or religious factors. Elders don’t get in the way of the young unless the lovers are closely related or members of the same clan and intervention in such cases is accepted.

Men and woman are treated as equals in Mouso communities and all children are common to the sisters living together in the same house. Young children, elders and sick are cared for by the family. Disabled people enjoy a special place in the community as they are believed to be the messengers of God.

The property of the family is never divided and stays intact. The great matriarchal families of Mouso grow in strength financially despite their size and unending needs of their members. They understand that setting up separate families would mean more expenses and fritter away the acquired wealth. Mosuos are simple and honest people untarnished by the maladies of modern society. They mostly keep to themselves and don’t mingle with others.

Marrying into a Mouso family is obviously nearly impossible for a non-Mouso, let alone a non-Chinese, so if any Western man should ever seek to make one of these unique Chinese woman his bride and succeed, he himself would be quite unique in all the world.

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