Finding Intelligent Chinese Women for Dating and Marriage

amy2402-6999964Despite growing popularity of Chinese dating, an average westerner still tends to believe that a mail order bride is some underprivileged farm worker who is uneducated and speaks no English and just to climb out of her poverty is willing to marry a man double her age.  This picture is far from true as most China ladies dating online are educated, intelligent and often professionally successful who want to date compatible men beyond their immediate neighborhood.

In the global village we live in, online dating is less about those who are unable to find a date in real life and more about people willing to open their hearts and minds and find their true love beyond boarders. For men interested in dating educated, intelligent, attractive and professionally successful Asian ladies, China is perhaps the best place. Of all the facts that back up my assertion, I have listed a few below.

  1. Chinese families are more receptive about the idea of a western son-in-law than more developed economies like Japan.
  2.  Chinese education system now puts lot of emphasis on learning English which means that you can find many Chinese women who are proficient in the language.
  3. If you decide to spend some time in China with your Chinese girlfriend, the cost of living is quite reasonable for westerners.
  4. When you date on a Chinese dating site, go for Chinese women living in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen as these cities have a huge number of educated women working in offices. For those who want to date ladies in their late 20’s and early thirties, these cities are a goldmine for such women often have to struggle for a date with a long term relationship in mind.
  5. For all the shortage of women in China, intelligent China women with good careers don’t find a match easily because Chinese men prefer simpler women with lesser jobs than their own. Smart and well educated women who want to continue their careers usually have to struggle to find a good partner.

The intelligence and independence of Chinese women often come as a surprise to those who think of them as submissive sorts only good at cooking and running a household. When you date intelligent and professionally successful women, remember that they are ambitious and probably won’t like to give up everything they worked so hard for to settle down with you and become a housewife after marriage. But if you want a beautiful partner who can knockout a room full of men with her charm and intelligence, then no one except an attractive Chinese wife should do for you.

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