The history of Chinese beauty standards

Chinese beauty standards have been around for centuries and have gone through many changes. In ancient times, Chinese women would bind their feet in order to make them smaller and more delicate-looking. This practice eventually died out, but other beauty standards such as fair skin and long, black hair remained popular.

In recent years, there has been a shift away from traditional Chinese beauty standards. With the rise of Westernization, many Chinese women are now striving for a more Westernized look. This includes things like lighter skin, bigger eyes, and a smaller nose.

Despite these changes, one thing remains constant: Chinese women are still incredibly beautiful, no matter what standards they choose to follow.

Ancient Chinese beauty standards

Ancient Chinese beauty standards were based on certain physical characteristics that were considered desirable. These included a small mouth, a high nose bridge, double eyelids, and pale skin. Ancient Chinese women would often use makeup and other techniques to try to achieve these standards.

Over time, these standards have changed somewhat, but many of the same characteristics are still considered desirable. For example, while pale skin is no longer as highly prized as it once was, it is still considered to be a sign of beauty.

The history of Chinese beauty standards

Today, Chinese beauty standards are based on a combination of traditional and modern ideas. While many women still strive to meet the traditional standards, there is also a growing appreciation for more unique and individualized beauty.

The impact of Western culture on Chinese beauty standards

Since the early days of trade between China and the West, Western culture has had a profound impact on Chinese beauty standards. Westerners were fascinated by the exoticism of Chinese women, and their porcelain-like skin was much sought-after. This led to a craze for all things Chinese, including clothes, hairstyles, and makeup.

As Western culture became more dominant in China, Chinese women began to adopt Western standards of beauty. This is most evident in the way that women dress and style their hair. In the past, Chinese women would wear their hair in a simple style, often with a center parting. Now, however, many women wear their hair in a more Western style, with side partings and even curls.

Makeup is another area where Western influence is evident. In the past, Chinese women would only wear a minimal amount of makeup, if any at all. Now, however, it is not uncommon to see Chinese women wearing foundation, mascara, and lipstick.

The impact of Western culture on Chinese beauty standards is evident in many ways. From the way women dress and style their hair, to the way they wear makeup, Western influence is clear.

The modern day Chinese beauty standard

The modern day Chinese beauty standard is heavily influenced by Western standards of beauty. This is due in part to the increasing globalization of media and popular culture. Chinese women are now more likely to be exposed to Western standards of beauty through magazines, television, and film. As a result, many Chinese women now aspire to have the “perfect” Western look, which includes features such as fair skin, big eyes, and a slim figure.

While the traditional Chinese standard of beauty emphasized inner qualities such as kindness and modesty, the modern standard is all about outward appearances. This shift has caused a lot of insecurity and anxiety for Chinese women, who feel immense pressure to conform to the new standard. Many women go to extreme lengths to change their appearance, such as bleaching their skin and undergoing plastic surgery.

The modern day Chinese beauty standard is a controversial topic. Some people argue that it is empowering for women to have more choice in how they look. Others argue that the new standard is unrealistic and damaging to women’s self-esteem. Either way, it is clear that the standard is having a major impact on the way Chinese women view themselves and their place in society.