88ChinaDate.com: no China women but lot of Indonesian men.

88chinadate.com would certainly like people to believe that they are an online Chinese dating website who is strictly focused on Chinese ladies date European men from worldwide. Take a look at a few declaration made on the home-page:

*The bestsite for Chinesegirls and Chinesedating, romance, relationship and marriage;

* Exclusive matrimonial portal for Chinese dating only;

* Exclusive site for Chinese dating only; and

* View Chinesedatingprofiles (our favourite).

Every one sounds extremely promising if you are a man enthusiastic about China online dating, and in search of some quality Chinese dating services where you may hopefully find the Chinese romance of your life. There’s only one catch – there are hardly any Chinese internet dating profiles to look at!

We did a search of Women in China between the ages of eighteen to fifty-five (55 was strangely the maximum age a woman was entitled to be.) and we found a total of twenty Chinese women on this web-site. There were fifty men “from China” on this web-site and the majority of these females were found to be not Chinese. But the truth is, remarkably for a web-site that is “Exclusive for Chinese dating only”, there were 23 females from Indonesia more then two hundred sixteen men from Indonesia (the web-site stopped letting us search when we hit this number).

The fact is, things appear to be getting worse, as on this “ideal web-site for Chinese ladies and Chinese dating” the last nine girls to join and last nine fellas to join (this is actually the highlight of their rather boring and amateurish home-page) were as follows;

Guys: 8 from Indonesia, 1 from France

Females: six from Indonesia, two from China and one from the Philippines.

For this reason, no matter the other defects with the website, of which you can find many, the best we could possibly say about 88chinadate.com that it really is a great Chinese dating website if you’re enthusiastic about dating Indonesian men. Pretty clearly it is not a Chinese internet dating website and it ought to be known as 88indonesiadate.com.

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