scamming you about Chinese women dating.

asianbeautyuntitled-3-300x150-3118042According to its homepage, is associated with the large Anastasia dating network. This makes it just one of the most recent websites for dating Chinese women, but perhaps the first that is owned and operated by somebody who learned their way in the Russian dating scene. Since Russian dating has always been highly suspected of being a scam in which individuals are victimized by their own online dating sites, and since AsianBeauties also seems to be modeled on a very similar scheme to that of CHNLove (our Worst of the Worst site) things don’t bode well for AsianBeauties, or at least for its members. We are highly suspicious of this site.

Scamming or not, when there are now such excellent websites for dating beautiful Chinese women online as ChinaLoveMatch and ChineseLoveLinks, what would possess men wanting to date Chinese women to waste their time and money on a site like AsianBeauties. “Duh, let me think – I can go on these two sites and spend a few dollars meeting thousands of pretty Chinese women, where I can message and video chat with anyone I choose whenever I choose and enjoy instant translation, or I can go on this site and spend hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars meeting 1 or 2 Chinese women, and paying for every message I send or receive to be translated by Chinese agents.” Don’t be naive and allow any website like AsianBeauties to suck you into such an expensive scheme to meet Chinese women.

AsianBeauties is creating a huge group of supposed Chinese marriage agencies across China, just as CHNLove has done, and then is perhaps directly involving itself in scams being perpetrated by those agencies or is at least allowing the agencies to perpetrate scams and pretending not to know. But the sad reality is that it is almost impossible for AsianBeauties not to be well aware what is being done in order to create the big profits they are raking in.

The scam being pulled is basically to post false profiles of beautiful Chinese women, and then to charge the AsianBeauties male members exorbitant fees to first contact the fake women, and then tack on extensive fees to translate messages supposedly being written or received by the same fake women.  Obviously if the Chinese women are fake, then the meeting of them and the translation of messages to or from them is equally fake.  Is the same thing going on with AsianBeauties as with CHNLove?  If something looks and smells so much like a known scam, then it’s probably a scam too.

There is no need at all to allow your desire to meet Chinese women for marriage to cause you to get sucked in to any dating Chinese women online scheme that requires you to pay a fee for each different Chinese woman you date, or to have each message you exchange translated. If you’re being asked to do this the likelihood is that you’re being scammed. This site is asking for just that, and for that reason alone you should avoid them at all cost. Don’t trust them and don’t trust their so called partner Chinese agencies. If you’re a western man interested in dating Chinese women, be cautious about any site that is connected to supposed on the ground Chinese dating or marriage agencies.

UPDATE: We want to update this review because since originally writing it we’ve received dozens, if not hundreds, of reports by individuals who have been scammed by this website.  We now consider it to be the worst of the worst of the Chinese dating scam sites, as we understand that the degree of scamming and the fees being charged exceed even that of In addition we now know of at least two websites, and, that appear in some manner to be independent sites, but are in fact just fronts for AsianBeauties. Above we wrote about this operation in terms of suspecting it, but that is no longer the case. The evidence is in and this site is now known to be extremely dangerous to your financial and psychological well being.

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