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affchinesehomepage1-300x150-7414582We did not really expect to find another Chinese dating site as bad as the ones we’ve already panned. After all, how many men are there in the world who are prepared to be completely scammed out of their money, and we mean a lot of money, on the pretense that they are meeting Chinese women. We mean no disrespect to these men, because they are just normal, trusting guys who have an attraction to, and desire to meet, great Chinese lifemates. But we’re just astounded to see that there are so many more of these scam sites really raking in the dough, completely dishonestly, than there are good sites who are running clean operations. Way more. Anyway, welcome to AForeignAffair.com, perhaps the very worst of a very bad bunch.

Now to be perfectly correct, AForeighAffair.com, which also operates as LoveMe.com (and who knows what other duplicate sites), is not strictly a Chinese dating website. It actually also contains dating in almost every ethnicity. But it has a Chinese dating subsection that it presents as pretty much a separate site, so for the average guy you feel like you’re on a site that is strictly about dating Chinese women.

Like our other much hated sites (the ones we have marked with “Avoid”), A Foreign Affair is based on a platform where you pay for every message, every chat and every translation, and you do this paying as if you are a multi-millionaire.  The fees they charge are a complete rip-off.  When you see these types of charges you should run, and we mean RUN, don’t just walk away as fast as you possibly can. You can pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars on A Foreign Affair, just to message and chat with one Chinese woman, without ever being allowed to contact her independently.

You can spend forever communicating with a supposed “female member” of A Foreign Affair and never know if she is real or not. And we have it on good authority (an insider) that almost always the woman is not real but just a paid employee or shill of the site. Even if the there is a real woman member, she rarely has any idea what is happening and she’s being scammed as badly as you are. For the amount of money you could spend on this site thinking you are communicating with one woman, you could be communicating with thousands of real Chinese women over several years on our two favorite sites, and even a couple of the ones we don’t like.

Also like our other hated sites, A Foreign Affair would have you believe that every woman of China dresses like a harlot, looks like a movie star, and can’t wait to fall into bed with you. Does it really make sense that all the women on a dating site are incredibly beautiful, sexually liberal women who are also looking to love just one man?  There are no plain looking, or conservative women who would turn to the internet to meet a partner?  Really? One would think that most of the really beautiful, sex hungry vixens would hardly need the internet to find a man, whereas the less stunning ones, the bookworms and the socially shy women would actually be more likely to turn to online dating. A site that has no average, or even ugly women, is faking it.  They are lying to you.

Even on the best sites you will run into the occasional scammer, but that is not the same as actually being scammed by the website itself.  Our source, who has very sound inside information, has described the completely unethical manner in which these people operate, and you should steer clear of them. Like CHNLove and AsianBeauties, they will try to lay the dirty work off on their “Chinese Agencies” that they “partner” with. But that is a complete sham, and like CHNLove and AsianBeauties, they clearly know and encourage the agencies to scam their own members and they take a large share of the illgotten gains.

Don’t, don’t, don’t trust this website. They will happily rob you blind and in the process not only steal your money but will leave you heartbroken, and in shock and dismay. And they’ll laugh at you in the process. Dating Chinese women should be pleasurable and relatively inexpensive, and it will be if you stick with our top two recommended sites.  Stay far, far away from AForeignAffair.com.

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