How to Make Your Relationship Strong with Your Chinese Woman

Have you ever noticed how a woman will make a massive fuss when you miss some important dates, occasions or other personal matters she deems important. Like her birthday, her puppy’s name or the day when you proposed to her? Not only this, if you do not complement your woman, or forget to tell her how beautiful she is looking on a particular day, then you are surely going to suffer for it , and unfortunately so is your relationship. A Chinese woman is no different in this regard, and even though as men we don’t understand why our woman find these things so important, we need to respect that they are women, and isn’t that why we are with them in the first place, because they are women. So if you’re dating a Chinese woman, or are beyond dating one and are in a full blown long term relationship with one, you need to do the small things that can bring huge results in strengthening her love and appreciation of you.

A good relationship is all about making life easier for each other by each partner understanding the other and doing the things that will make the other happy. If you do care for your love life, you will definitely pay close attention to the small things that bring happiness to your beloved, just as you hope she will value those things that bring you happiness. For a strong and healthy relationship with your Chinese woman, you just need to follow a few basic rules of thumb which will help keep your relationship with her intact and blissful.

First, share and discuss everything with your Chinese life mate, be it matters relating to your career or place of work, or family matters or even the activities you enjoy for fun or relaxation. If you having tough times in your office, or at any other front of life, do not forget to involve your Chinese life partner in all that is happening. This will make her feel involved in your life, which every woman really wants. In addition, she will know why you might be preoccupied or stressed out, and taking less time for, or paying less attention to, your usual time spent with her.

Try to let her know enough about your past relationships that she feels comfortable that they do not offer any threat to your love of her. This is necessary, if you do not want to risk her fearing that you still love someone else more than you love her. Build confidence by revealing all your secrets. However, bear in mind that Chinese women are often prone to jealousy, so don’t tell her more than she can handle, and don’t dwell on past relationships, or she will come to think they are not over in your mind. Just let her know that the past is the past and there is nothing there to fear, then stop talking about it. Before unveiling your past, get a hold of her temperament, and her attitude towards such things in your life.

Like all women, and even men, a Chinese woman loves a good compliment. You surely knew how to woo your Chinese ladylove with compliments, so why be stingy in complementing her after the relationship has begun. A genuine complement is always appreciated, and will always help to keep you in her good books. Do not be shy in telling her she looks cute and adorable in that pink floral dress, or sexy in that tight skirt. This will make her feel that you actually notice when she is trying to be appealing for you.

If you are far enough along, be sure to make her feel she is welcome to be part of your family and your circle of friends by including her in family dinners and social outings with friends and associates. Chinese women believe strongly in the family system. This will give you a big edge in her life. However, if it is still early in your relationship, before pushing her in this direction be sure to ask her if she is comfortable meeting your family or if she still needs time.

Follow these few simple suggestions and you will feel a change in your relationship with your Chinese woman. You will begin to cement her feelings for you and the bond that is growing between the two of you.  Paying attention to these things will make your relationship strong and cheerful.

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