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Last week we reported a Chinese dating site that isn’t really a dating site at all but just a front for one of the sites we truly hate the most, AsianBeauties (AB). And in doing so we suggested that by comparison, our other hated site, CHNLove (CHN), was less dangerous or scammy than AB. Well, we have to retract that, as several good readers have brought to our attention that CHN is as guilty as AB of running front sites. So today we are going to review one such site, another Chinese dating site that isn’t a dating site, but simply a front for CHN. And in truth, seems an even sleazier attempt to scam it’s members into joining CHN because there is really nothing to hint that it is tied to CHN in anyway until you have actually joined and provided your personal contact info. So CHN has outdone AB, ever so slightly, in scammy sleeze.

Chinese Woman Date works much the same as AB’s scammy front site. You will still find it ranking high on some keyword in Google search, or spot an ad in Google, and click on the link to go check it out. However, unlike the other site which visibly advertises AB, ChineseWomenDate shows nothing that would hint it is anything but a legitimate dating website. You are led to believe that you’re on a site that has thousands and thousands of real Chinese women interested in meeting you for a long term relationship or marriage. The only hint that it might be related to CHN (or AB) is that all the women are drop dead gorgeous and appear ready to fall into your bed at the slightest interest being shown. The glamour shots are way over done and extremely sexual, as per both CHN and AB (and others we’ve reviewed and panned). Of course it isn’t difficult for Chinese Women Date to come up with all these images since they’re all taken from CHNLove’s home site.

So you find yourself interested quite naturally in all these sexy Chinese babes waiting to meet you, and you find it easy to set reality aside and believe they might all be real. Next thng you know you are signing up for a “free” membership. And amazingly, like CHN, you are suddenly bombarded by invitations to chat by those same sexy Chinese bombshells the moment you have taken step one in the process of giving your Name and email address. However, it turns out you are going to be forced to provide considerably more information before being officially registered as a member.

…Becomes This

So you provide that additional information, click the submit button, and the most amazing thing happens; you are suddenly officially a member of, you are suddenly sitting on their homepage, and suddenly does not exist anymore.

To us, this is perhaps the scammiest, most obnoxious and deceitful trick we can imagine a website coming up with to find new members, and it is hopefully a sign of how desperate CHN has become in the face of the growing recognition across the internet of what a scam website and operation it is. Be warned, if you sign up with you will suddenly find yourself a member of a massively deceptive and untrustworthy Chinese dating site that is simply out to rob you blind. DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS!!! CHNLove sucks and they will suck you dry of every dime you have if you let them.

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