real China women are hard to find here.

dating-chinese-girls-untitled-1-300x150-8631764At the time we began analyzing websites for dating Chinese women online and were projecting to evaluate both and we were startled to determine they’re cloned sites, changed URL. Our best hypothesis is that they are switching over from Obridge to DatingChinese, but it truly doesn’t make a difference. Whichever site you find yourself on, get off! Any time it comes to dating beautiful Chinese women both of these identical websites suck severely.

This online site pretends being all about Chinese women dating non-Chinese guys, and yet we roughly reckon that 50% of the females on this web-site are certainly not Chinese at all. The remainder are from an immense assortment of regions such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Ukraine, Ghana, and the United States. It’s pretty obvious that many of these are crooks and obviously has no controls on scammers of any kind. On the website’s home page they detail the last 120 women to register, which was rather revealing. We didn’t investigate all the roughly 60 who were not Chinese, but we did spot a Senegal Scammer, a genuinely revolting looking Malaysian and a supposed American white girl who was plainly selling herself. Aside from that we discerned from this tally that in the past thirty day period fewer than 60 females had signed on who added pics, of whom only thirty were semi pretty Chinese females. That’s effectively only 1 Chinese girl signing on per day who posts a picture, a pretty scant sign up rate even if they’re legitimate, which we doubt very much.

To rub salt in the wound, we have to assume that the ladies on this online site who truly are Chinese are definitely not searching for romantic relationships of the enduring kind, because at the time of our write-up the third newest male to sign on, who was revealed on the home page for everyone to scrutinize, was a repugnant 54 year old male Caucasian posing on a bed all together naked with his rigid penis, firmly held in his hand, on full exhibit. We kid you not ! No self regarding Chinese woman who is genuinely seeking marriage or a lifemate would be found within a mile of these two websites. And neither should you be.

If you ‘re searching for a night of cyber lust and you tend not to worry about the thought of a wanton seduction with someone who may perhaps secretly be a hulking, hairy Nigerian guy, then or would possibly be your new home away from home, but for a serious Chinese girlfriend and dating Chinese women online in hopes of an enduring loving relationship, give these two web sites a firm pass !

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