Making Connections With Chinese Women

Chinese dating is a remarkable phenomenon which is showing no sign of ebbing despite the cultural difficulties it poses. Different people have different opinions and experiences to relate, and often dramatically different results. In fact, it is not unusual for men engaged in Chinese dating to wonder out loud about the reasons as to why some manage to date Chinese women successfully while others consistently fail in their efforts on various dating sites. Even though this wide variance in success rates can be attributed to numerous factors, the most prominent of these is definitely the ability of some men to make an instant connection with the Chinese females of their choice. Once these oriental ladies feel that the man they are dating understands them, and loves and respects them more deeply than any other guy, they tend to open up to him a lot more quickly.

All of us, irrespective of our culture and country, are inclined towards generalizing. The internet is full of Chinese stereotypes and most of us tend to treat our online dates more or less according to the opinions we form on the basis of those stereotypes. But, this hardly forwards your cause. You actually need to work hard to understand the Chinese women you are dating as individuals. For this, you must take a much deeper interest in their profiles and even sit up and pay attention to every word they utter during the first few interactions. However, at the same time it is extremely important to refrain from telling impossible tales or lies to impress the ladies as such tactics might actually backfire, eventually bringing an abrupt end to budding relationships.

Another important thing that you need to do to win the love and respect of Chinese women is to assure them of your constant love and support. Now this can be quite tricky as most men believe that this involves supporting their online Chinese date blindly or becoming their “Yes Man”. This is surely the worst approach as these ladies prefer their men to be honest with them and prevent them from committing a blunder rather than trying to remain in their good books by agreeing with everything they say. These women not only respect a man of integrity but also feel that a person who really loves them would never allow them to do something wrong even at the cost of breaking their hearts. While people everywhere may like a Yes Man for an employee, very few, especially Chinese women, want one for their lover, partner or spouse.

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