Halloween celebration has evolved from a trick-or-treat day kids get excited about over the prospects of candies to a day that kids and adults alike look forward to. With so many parties and events being organized in anticipation of Halloween, the occasion has also become a special day for many couples and an opportunity for them to think of more creative ways to bond. Halloween is the best date day, because it is that one day in the year you can opt for quirky and unusual things to do, be creative and even pretend you are someone else!

These fun and creative ideas apply for Western men dating with Chinese women, even if you are thousands of miles apart. Whether you love spending time in the kitchen, getting adventurous outdoors or cuddling over a good movie, no holiday brings scares, laughter, and exciting treats like Halloween.Feel the most eerily enjoyable season of the year together with this list of Halloween date ideas:

1)   Cuddle up in-between scares and screams

If you and your woman are the indoor type who prefer to have each other just for yourselves at the comfort of your couch or bed, then head on to the video store for an indoor fright fest. What better way to score tighter embraces from your love than by giving a scary movies all-nighter, right? Thousands of miles apart, watch the flick together online.

Suggested movies: Night of the Living Dead, An Interview with the Vampire, The Sixth Sense, The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity

2)   Ghostly candle-lit dinner over Halloween-themed music

If you and your sweetheart are a great distance apart, feel the Halloween love from thousands of miles away with romantic Halloween-themed music while video chatting online. Dress up as your favorite couple and have a candle-lit dinner via Skype. The two of you can even decorate your rooms with the same theme as if you are sitting right next to each other.

3)   Send her gifts purchased online

If you can’t be physically with her on Halloween, let her know she is always on your mind in every holiday celebration by sending her a special gift. It can be an e-card, flowers, or chocolates shaped like Halloween characters.

4)   A Halloween party for couples

Play host and hostess to other couple friends by throwing a costume party. Ask everyone to dress up in pairs. Before the party starts you and your girlfriend can head to the grocery store and prepare Halloween-inspired delicacies such as witches’ brew, dead man’s finger food, spider cupcakes, and slimy Jell-Os. For more fun, you can also play a themed murder mystery, where one guest is unknowingly the murderer and the other party-goers must uncover who among them is the criminal.Date your Chinese woman online by joining together in an online murder mystery game for Halloween.

5)   Dress up your house and hand candies to trick-or-treaters

Play the generous couple to neighborhood kids by handing out candies to trick-or-treaters. But before you let them get away with candies, make sure you give them the fright of their lives by decorating your house in spooky ornaments and dressing up yourselves as frightening creatures. If you’re dating her online then set up a video camera in your home and let her share in the fun by watching it all on her computer. This is a great way for you’re the Chinese woman you’re dating to get a feel for Halloween as it’s celebrated in your culture. She’ll love it.

6)   Visit a haunted mansion

If you’ve always wondered what people in those movies feel like when they step into abandoned old houses, now is your excuse to experience the terror for yourself with your fearless other half. After all, it’s the perfect time of the year to unleash your adventurous side. Another option is to make it more romantic by setting up dinner inside the house (with the permission of the house’s caretaker). After dinner, you and your honey can cozy up by playing and dancing to sweet music, with the house’s invisible residents as gushing spectators to your romance.

This last one can be done online by you setting your own home up as a haunted mansion and inviting her to spend the night there with you on her webcam. Use your imagination and some real effort to date Chinese women like this on Halloween and you’ll win them over big time.

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