Honeymoon Locations to Consider When Dating Chinese Women

When you’re dating Chinese women, sooner or later it’s going to get serious, as that special Chinese lady comes to the forefront and begins to consume your every thought.  You know there’s a Chinese marriage in your future, so it’s time to start contemplating where to take her for a memorable honeymoon that will be a perfect first step towards a long and happy life together.

Considering the fact that a majority of Chinese women are extremely romantic by nature, it is quite natural for them to wish for a long and amorous honeymoon trip immediately after their marriage. There are numerous places in China which are considered fitting for having a post-wedding vacation that is full of fun, romance and relaxation. Described below are the three major honeymoon destinations in China, which are patronized by numerous Chinese newlywed couples.

1.    Sanya, Located in Hainan Province: For beach bunnies, Sanya is just the perfect place to celebrate their honeymoon. Also known as the “Hawaii of China” Sanya welcomes its visitors with lush green vegetation and balmy air all through the year. In addition to the great sandy beaches, this tropical paradise also houses two fantastic tourist attractions – the huge Guanyin Statue of Hainan, which is 354 ft tall and the Luhuitou Park, which is visited by all honeymooners without fail. Newlywed Chinese women and men often leave a chained padlock on the mountain top and believe that so long as the lock remains intact, so long as well shall their love endure.

2.    Gulangyu Island, Located Near Xiamen City: What makes this island quite unique is the fact that it is a completely pedestrian island. This means that there are absolutely no cars on the island, but since the island measures only two square kilometers, a newlywed couple can easily discover its many charms on foot. To reach the island, couples have to take a five minute ferry ride from the coast of Xiamen in order to begin their day of exploration. The island not only boasts of amazing beaches but also houses China’s only piano museum, making it a great vacation spot for music lovers. In addition, people can explore the organ museum as well, and the bird sanctuary which is located on the island and can even enjoy water sports or a tram trip to the peak of the mountain.

3.    Conch Gully, Located In Sichuan Province: For couples with an adventurous streak, Conch Gully Glacier Park happens to be an ideal place for a honeymoon. Situated on the Eastern front of the Gonggar Mountains, this is the largest glacier park in China, is believed to have been formed nearly sixteen millions years ago and is spread over an area of about 31 kilometers. Chinese women and men are fascinated by the sight of ice lakes, ice holes, ice cascades, and even ice mushrooms, found in the park. In addition there are acres of untouched forests housing hot springs and rare plants.

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