The 21St Century has given rise to the independent, high-earning, and powerful Chinese woman. The strong-willed Chinese female has indeed risen up the corporate ladder and as cited by Forbes magazine, 11 of the 20 richest self-made women in the world are Chinese, and 19 % of Chinese women in management positions are CEOs, the second highest percentage worldwide. While they have found success in their respective careers, many women from China have found themselves in a difficult predicament: staying single and unmarried later than the prescribed ideal age.

Although many women in recent years have found fulfillment in their respective professions and are more focused on succeeding in their career, it is still quite inevitable, especially in a country like China, for females to be expected to marry when they reach a certain age. Thus, many women in China, having reached their late 20s to early 30s, are facing pressure from both society and the government to settle down and find a suitable partner in life.

Setting the Bar High

The term “leftover” women, which refers to unmarried Chinese women in their late 20s or older, has recently caught worldwide attention. Contrary to what many people perceive, this kind of woman remains single by choice.Many career-driven women spend most of their 20s proving themselves in the workplace,so they have chosen to set aside romantic relationships. In order to increase their competitiveness, they pursue higher education and take up their MAs and PhDs, until the time comes when they realize that they have quietly slipped past their ideal dating age.

Even so, just like cosmopolitan women of progressive cities like New York, they prefer the company of men who are a cut above the norm. Successful women do not need to depend on a man to lavish them with material things, because they can afford these themselves. They are looking for men who are equally accomplished, passionate, and responsible, and intelligent, and these requirements oftentimes intimidate and threaten Chinese men, who are not accustomed to women of their own culture being competitors in the business world and marketplace.

Finding the Perfect Match

Deemed too old, or perhaps too intimidating, to be suitable marriage material, these Chinese ladies therefore find it hard to marry or find a suitable man in their own country. By Chinese standards, a woman in her late 20s is already way past her prime and her desirability.

Despite the accomplishments of these women, they are barely recognized and appreciated by their male counterparts when it comes to being considered for marriage or dating. One highly successful woman even related how when going out on a date, displaying intelligence and a sense of achievement may not be the best way to impress a Chinese man.

Discovering Love Online

Beautiful, independent, and equally accomplished, these women make an ideal partner for Western men. Having been well-educated and articulate, they can speak their mind, which is something that a Western man would appreciate in a woman.

With many expats now residing in China’s metropolitan centers, chances are, many of these single ladies will find compatibility and love dating men from a different culture, who can share the same perspectives in life and can only appreciate them as they grow wiser with age. Going out to meet people from diverse backgrounds will be a refreshing and fun way to look for a promising partner in life.

These days, finding love overseas should be much easier for Chinese singles, as many men and women from China turn to online dating sites, which have become one of the most trusted and efficient  ways to find prospective partners. Being upwardly mobile and dependent on technology, meeting Western men online will be a good way for these single Chinese women to find a man who shares the same ideals and interests. Whatever their age, many Chinese women have successfully found their dream match on online Chinese Dating Sites.

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