dating Chinese women was never so boring!

We were very shocked by the visit to the site to review it. We have heard the name bandied about throughout the years, and seen it on the occasional Google search, thus we believed that we might visit a rather busy site for dating Chinese women online, but not so. As Chinese online dating services go the only good thing we will say about is you probably won’t get cheated there, not because the web site has any kind of fraudster screening or because they are attempt to protect you, but for the reason that there’s no one there to defraud you, or to be conned by you if you are a scammer. It is the emptiest, least active China online dating web-site we’ve ever seen.

You’ll find no one there! There were presumably a grand total of two members logged on, us being one of them, even though it was in the evening China time, when it should have been at its busiest. This is one Chinese dating website that one could “fire a cannon through” without fear of hurting anyone. In order to provide some perspective, we did a search of women who were online on each of and between the ages of 30 to 40, and that is a fairly broad range. At that moment the best internet site,, had 34 obviously real Chinese women online – the 34th last lady to log in to did so over eight months ago. The last Chinese woman between 30 to forty to log into this website did so 17 days earlier. In other words no Chinese woman between 30 and 40 had been online on for 17 days.

Just to be clear, we’re not stating that this site is an “evil” internet site -you’re by no means likely to get conned here. What we are saying is that it’s a pathetic web page and you might be in severe danger of being bored to death. Unlike, this website is not even good for a laugh. We suggest that you you should not bother wasting your time on it unless your idea of an excellent internet Chinese dating experience is wandering around for days on end in a large empty space attempting to locate anyone who might be breathing.

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