Dating China Women: Chinese Culture And The Red Envelope

pengli4321-3146372Traditionally, Chinese culture is a culture of colors and symbols, each of which holds a special significance in the life of these oriental people. Most Chinese still use a collection of various colors and symbols to redirect their life on the path they desire. Among the various traits that popularize Chinese women amongst other communities and cultures it is their ability to find and share happiness that is perhaps the greatest. They rarely let an opportunity pass by without their presenting a symbol of happiness to their family, friends and acquaintances. This symbol of happiness is often in the form of red envelopes which have long been considered to be the bearers of joy, good luck and prosperity, and hence the people receiving these envelops are believed to be bestowed with all these blessings.

Red Envelopes For Prosperity

It is a long standing belief in China that having red envelopes in the house brings prosperity. However, it is not necessary to receive these envelopes as gifts. Rather home owners can place two coins in a red envelope and place it in their door frames for greater success. It is also quite common for China women to gift red envelopes containing some token money on special occasions as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

Red Envelopes For Teachers

One of the most significant uses of red envelops is in the master-disciple relationship in the ancient art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui holds significant importance for China women still today, and you should anticipate and accept that the China woman you’re dating will strongly believe in its powers.

It is customary for the students learning the art to present a red envelope to their masters for every new teaching. Although these envelops are generally empty, according to ancient traditional beliefs, students ought to put in small gold coins, gold bars or any other valuable gift inside these envelops before presenting them to the master. It is also an ancient belief that red envelops symbolize gratitude towards the master for passing on his knowledge.

Red Envelopes For Happiness

According to the ancient beliefs of Chinese culture, the color red signifies happiness and red envelops indicate the intentions of individuals to share their happiness with others. This is why red envelops are in great demand especially during the festive season and on special occasions such as during the Moon Festival and especially around the celebration of Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). These envelops are also used for presenting gifts to Chinese women on their wedding to wish them happiness and good luck by their friends, relatives and neighbors. In fact, it quite common for women of China to send out their wedding invitations in red envelops to express and share their happiness.

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