If you are not aware of Hollywood news, you may like to know that Sofia Vergara’s name has been dragged in a sensitive legal case by her ex-boyfriend regarding the two female embryos that they have frozen together in an IVF clinic in the US when they were still together. Specifically speaking, the Colombian actress’s ex wants these fertilized eggs to be unfrozen so that they can be put in a woman’s system and then birthed after nine months. Sofia, on the other hand, thinks that it is just the man’s way of trying to tie her to him forever and to perhaps get a portion of her wealth, that is why her ex allows media personnel to interview him about this. This court battle may go on forever, but the moral lesson is that they should have not fertilized the embryos in the first place if they were not sure that they want to be together till death do they part.

Meanwhile, the single women are singing a different song in China, as more and more of them want to have their unfertilized eggs frozen for the future, in case they decide to not get married and just want to have a kid or two through artificial insemination. These women are quite different from Sofia Vergara because, first of all, they are not going to freeze embryos – only eggs. Second of all, they clearly want to do this with an open mind to the fact that they are going to do this for themselves, and not because they want to please their boyfriend. These Chinese women seem to have great intentions of trying to continue the Chinese generation at some point in their life, but there is just one hiccup: the Chinese government solely allows couples who have a problem in naturally bearing a child to go through the in vitro fertilization.

Because of it, a lot of Chinese women opt to freeze their eggs in the US or in other parts of the world where doing this is not prohibited by the law. These women are willing to pay a bucket load of cash to a respectable IVF clinic or institution for the reason that they have the money to do so, and because they want to be a mother someday too.

Who are these women?

These Chinese women are not royalty. They are simply hardworking women whose focus is on earning more money, getting higher education in China or abroad, becoming a great entrepreneur, and/or turning into a high-ranking executive in the company that they work for. Although an adult woman who does not have her heart set on building her own family at early to late 20s is still frowned upon by almost all people in China, these particular Chinese women – ‘leftover’ women, if you may – are trying to get out of the grasp of the old tradition and belief that women are only good for their looks and ability to give birth and take care of their babies. It may look like an insubordinate act to some, but practicing their right to say what they want or do not want to have in their lives at the moment can never be a bad thing, right?

Why freeze the eggs?

Talking from an objective view, I think some Chinese women want to freeze their eggs because they know that their body is not created like a man’s body that can still produce sperm cells even when they reach the age of 70 or 80. A woman, however, can only produce healthy eggs in a limited period of time. If they reach the menopausal stage, then their time is up – unless a miracle happens. So, if they freeze their eggs, there is still a chance for them to have it fertilized and to let it come to full term in their body or in a surrogate mother’s body.

The baby that comes out of this process is no different from any baby that has been created through the normal process of getting pregnant. It surely is a very expensive and tedious manner, but it can be a bigger assurance that these career-oriented Chinese women may have an offspring in the future, married or not.

One particular Chinese personality who is very vocal and honest in saying that she has frozen her eggs is Zou Qinghong, a TV host once in China before she has moved to the US to pursue further studies. According to a Wall Street Journal article, she wishes for China to give permission to many career women like her to have their eggs frozen there. If this happens, they will not have to spend so much on airfare and other miscellaneous fees, as they can get the work done in their home country.

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